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Alex Lange

President and CEO, UpstreamRE


Alex is President and CEO of UpstreamRE, a collaborative initiative designed for brokerages of every size, is a data management company for the benefit of the real estate industry. More than a mechanism for brokerage data entry, management, storage, and distribution, Upstream is the culmination of an industry groundswell to take back fiduciary control of brokerage data. Upstream aspires to enable innovation by allowing brokerages to manage all of their data assets through a simple, streamlined platform.


An experienced “C” level operator and investor with over two decades of experience on both sides of the table including two successful exits, four acquisitions, and countless integrations. A former Army paratrooper and a graduate of Harvard’s General Management Program, Alex has become a growth catalyst for companies as he creates innovative offerings, finds product/market fit, creates massive go-to-market and development velocity while optimizing their financial metrics and capital efficiency.  He previously served as Operating Partner with NAR’s strategic investment arm Second Century Ventures, as CTO at Market Leader (acquired by Trulia) and as co-founder of Roost (acquired by VerticalResponse). Alex has won the Inman Innovator Award, was included in the Global Top 1,000 Chief Technology Officers (Bloomberg, S&P, The Global Leaders) and was added to the 2017 Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) list.